Wells Fargo

BNP Paribas

DNB Capital

BBVA Securities


Sumitomo Mitsui Bank

Credit Agricole

ABN Amro Capital

Intesa SanPaolo

ING Bank



ICBC London

Societe General


Citizens Bank

Comerica Bank

U.S. Bank

PNC Bank


JPMorgan Chase

Bank of America

Deutsche Bank

Compass Bank

Credit Suisse

DNB Capital/ASA

Royal Bank of Canada


Goldman Sachs

Morgan Stanley

Origin Bank (formerly Community Trust)


Citibank (Citigroup)*


TD Securities*


The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ*


Mizuho Bank*

Please contact these banks today.

The oil companies behind the pipeline are rich,

but they aren’t rich enough to shell out the whole amount needed to build the pipeline at once.

If Citibank, the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, Mizuho Bank and TD Securities were to hold back remaining $1.4 billion the cash for the pipeline could dry up and the project could come grinding to a potentially permanent halt.

Send letters to the CEOs.   Post on their Facebook pages.   Tweet at them every day. 


Some examples of questions you could ask them are,


"Why are you supporting this inherently dangerous and unjust oil pipeline that threatens air and water quality in many states?"


"Why are you funding a project that violates sacred lands of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe?"

"Why are you supporting the human rights violations and violent repression of indigenous people?"


*primary leaders of the key DAPL loan

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