Our Financial system is outdated. At its heart lies a blind devotion to short-term profit at all costs. If we are to turn the tides on Climate Change and Social Inequality we must change our money system. We can start this transformation by moving all our money out of institutions funding projects like DAPL. This is the start of a movement, will you join us till every last dollar is in service of the People and the Planet?

Explore the options below and see what your best next step could be. 

Changing Credit Cards can be an easy and powerful way to divest from fossil fuels.  

Have your money work for your community. Check out this national network of Local Banks

Credit Unions are local and are run by members. This means you can influence what they use your money for!

Our Favorite example of what a Bank of the future could look like. Currently only available on the West Coast. 

Changing what you invest in is key to effectively divesting. 

A purely online Bank that works to invest consciously and gives 10% of its profits as donations. 

A Native American run and operated Bank. They work to provide loans to Native communities that otherwise would not have access.

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